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This summer, I decided enough was enough. I wasno longer going to listen to myself complain abouthow I couldn't prevent a bug bite during the 12 seconds it takes me to walk from my car to my frontdoor.


The Bug Bite Thing

I stumbled upon the Bug Bite Thing in mydesperate search for a mosquito bite cure and I feellike I've hit the jackpot. I've only used it once so far, but it was on six different bites I managedto get while doing some yard work last weekend. The Thing is a suction tool that claims toextract the mosquito's saliva left under the skin.

在我拼命寻找蚊虫叮咬止痒方法时,我偶然发现了蚊虫叮咬舒缓器(Bug Bite Thing),瞬间觉得自己中了大奖。到目前为止,我只用过一次,因为我上周末在院子里干活,被叮了6个包。蚊虫叮咬舒缓器是一种抽吸器,可将残留在皮肤下的蚊子唾液抽出。

A mosquito's saliva contains proteins that are allergens to humans, says Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan, an allergist and immunologist (as well as one of the developers of Ready, Set, Food!). Our bodies create antibodies to fight off the allergens, and it's the resulting immune reactionthat causes the redness, swelling and itchiness.

蚊子的唾液含有人类过敏的蛋白质,过敏症专家及免疫学家凯蒂·马克思·科根(Katie Marks-Cogan)医生说道(他也是Ready, Set, Food!的开发者之一)。我们的身体会产生抗体对抗过敏原,而随之而来的免疫反应会导致红肿、发痒。

"The whole allergic response is stimulated by the saliva, so if there's a mechanism to getsome of that saliva out, I could see that working or at least minimizing the reaction," Marks-Cogan says.


Out of the six bites I tested this on, five stopped itching immediately. The sixth bite was in atricky ankle spot and I don't think I suctioned it well enough. It continued to bother me off andon for the next two days, although not as much as a bite normally does. I tried suctioning it acouple more times, but as the website says, the "best results are obtained when the Bug BiteThing is used within the first two minutes of a bite or sting."


So there's the con-you've got to carry one around with you and use it right away to get themost benefit. Which is why I promptly ordered two more, so I can keep one in the house, onein my purse and one in my car. The Thing is fairly small and lightweight, so this is a small priceto pay.