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Be Decisive and Strong

Sure, biologically guys are programmed to be incontrol. But this doesn't mean you should becomehis lap dog. Or that you rely on him to make everysingle decision. If he has to decide everything foryou from where to eat to what to do next Saturdaynight, he'll become super bored, or worse, annoyedvery quickly. He chose to be with you because of whoyou are. Keep being that strong, independentwoman and watch as it draws him in deeper!


Keep Living YOUR Life

Early on, it can be hard to resist spending every waking moment with your lover. But resistyou must! Because even though he says he wants to be around you non-stop and do every littlething together, your man will miss and crave you more when you're not around.


You had your own exciting, adventurous life before he came along. Don't stop living it justbecause now he's in your life. Go grab a cocktail with the girls, take yoga three times a week orgetaway over the weekend - he'll be begging to be with you when you get back.


Support Him

We all have dreams. But guys in particular are big dreamers. Whether your man is trying tostart a business, going back to college, or becoming an EDM DJ, show some support for hisdreams. Even if they seem totally unrealistic, shattering his dreams by putting them down is asure-fire way he'll choose them over you.


Having you in his corner supporting him every step of the way is one of the deepest ways thetwo of you will connect. It's a building block of real long-term commitment. It shows you'll beby his side along the journey - a big psychological boost.


Show Gratitude

As you settle into life as a couple, it's easy to forget the little things like saying "thank you". But you'd be surprised how much this little show of appreciation does for commitment. Takea moment to say a small thank you, whether it's for cleaning up, picking up something from thestore, or pulling your chair out for you.