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Some reports have discovered the incidence of violence foryoungwomen is increasing. Give possible reasons and recommendationstothe situation.

It is reported that the proportion of young femalecriminalunfolds a steady increasing trend, and women crime,especially theyoung females delinquency has become a serioussocial problemindeed. Young women, as the most peaceable parts ofhuman, arealways regarded as the last aim by the police office. Whythey goastray is mainly due to the two following reasons: one istheir owncharacter peculiarity, the other is from socialpressure.
As far as the former, for one thing, the female is sensitivetothe trifles and sentimental to the reins and loves.Sensitivityoften puts them to the edge unnecessarily and formsextreme ideas,which frequently leads to direct criminal.Frangibility ofsensibility makes them so depressed and despairedthat they have ahigh probability to do the illegal behavior whenthey slip down inloves.

As for the latter reason, the social pressure comesoftraditionally sexual discrimination and survival competition. Itisno denying the fact that the contemporary including the womenareconfronted with the more severe competition than theirancestorswere, and in addition to this point, females still have tostrugglewith the deep-booted discrimination.
When young women make their debut in the society, all kindsofcrises, trouble and pressure lay them into flat, which compelsthemto avenge and relieve their feeling with lawless methodsinunassisted situation. Ponderance of young female criminalrevealslong-term negligence to the females inner and outercircumstance.It is almost impossible to change females nature, sothe societyshould take more care of women, especially for the youngwomen. Forexample, some psychological courses and the methods ofsolvingproblem are effective measures to adjust the mood of women.In themeantime, prejudice to women should be out of the socialstage andfair, equal and friendly atmosphere should be set up,which canhelp women to take part in the formal and rationalcontention.Additionally, the society should approbate thefemalesindispensable position of community and encourage them toshowtheir special aptitude and intelligence.

Undisputablely, the rising criminal rate of young womenhasrelation to both females themselves and irrationalsocialphenomena. Care and equity are the best way to solvethisincreasing problem, after all, they are less aggressive.