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双语小说连载:《董贝父子》第二章 Part 3

As the husband did nothing but chuckle and grin, and continually draw his right hand across his mouth, moistening the palm, Mrs Toodle, after nudging him twice or thrice in vain, dropped a curtsey and replied 'that perhaps if she was to be called out of her name, it would be considered in the wages.'
'Oh, of course,' said Mr Dombey. 'I desire to make it a question of wages, altogether. Now, Richards, if you nurse my bereaved child, I wish you to remember this always. You will receive a liberal stipend in return for the discharge of certain duties, in the performance of which, I wish you to see as little of your family as possible. When those duties cease to be required and rendered, and the stipend ceases to be paid, there is an end of all relations between us. Do you understand me?'

由于她的丈夫除了咧开嘴吃吃地笑,并不断地伸出右手捂着嘴,使手掌潮湿一些之外,什么话也没有说,图德尔大嫂用胳膊肘轻轻地推了他两三次也是徒劳无效,因此她就行了个屈膝礼,回答道,如果在这里需要改换个姓来称呼她的话,那么在给她定工资的时候,请把这一点也考虑进去。“当然,”董贝先生说道,“我希望把这完全作为一个工资问题来考虑。现在,理查兹,如果您要给我这个失去母亲的孩子当奶妈的话,那么我希望您 永远记住下面的一些话:您在履行了一定的职责之后,将会领到一笔丰厚的报酬;在您担任职务期间,我希望您尽量少去看望您的家庭。当不再需要您履行这些职责,不再向您支付报酬的时候,我们之间的一切关系就都结束了。您明白我的话了吗?”

Mrs Toodle seemed doubtful about it; and as to Toodle himself, he had evidently no doubt whatever, that he was all abroad.
'You have children of your own,' said Mr Dombey. 'It is not at all in this bargain that you need become attached to my child, or that my child need become attached to you. I don't expect or desire anything of the kind. Quite the reverse. When you go away from here, you will have concluded what is a mere matter of bargain and sale, hiring and letting: and will stay away. The child will cease to remember you; and you will cease, if you please, to remember the child.'
Mrs Toodle, with a little more colour in her cheeks than she had had before, said 'she hoped she knew her place.'
'I hope you do, Richards,' said Mr Dombey. 'I have no doubt you know it very well. Indeed it is so plain and obvious that it could hardly be otherwise. Louisa, my dear, arrange with Richards about money, and let her have it when and how she pleases. Mr what's-your name, a word with you, if you please!'

“我希望您明白,理查兹,”董贝先生说道,“我毫不怀疑,您清清楚楚地明白这一点。确实,这是明明白白,显而易见的事情,不可能是相反的情况 。路易莎,我亲爱的,请你把有关钱的事情跟理查兹安排一下,让她在她认为合适的时候和按她愿意的方式领去。您这位叫什么的先生,如果您愿意,我想跟您谈一两话。”

注释:ceases to: 停止;不再出现某种情况
1. This one I learned about in my own research about 20 years ago, and it never ceases to amaze me.
2. The newspaper ceased to appear after an existence of three months.
该报发行3 个月后停刊了。

Thus arrested on the threshold as he was following his wife out of the room, Toodle returned and confronted Mr Dombey alone. He was a strong, loose, round-shouldered, shuffling, shaggy fellow, on whom his clothes sat negligently: with a good deal of hair and whisker, deepened in its natural tint, perhaps by smoke and coal-dust: hard knotty hands: and a square forehead, as coarse in grain as the bark of an oak. A thorough contrast in all respects, to Mr Dombey, who was one of those close-shaved close-cut moneyed gentlemen who are glossy and crisp like new bank-notes, and who seem to be artificially braced and tightened as by the stimulating action of golden showerbaths.

当图德尔跟着他的妻子正要走出房间的时候,他就这样在门口被喊住了。他走回来,单独面对着董贝先生。他是个身强力壮、自由散漫、后背驼曲 、行动笨拙、毛发蓬松的人,他的衣服随随便便地搭在身上;头发和连鬓胡子又长又密,也许由于烟与煤粉的关系,比自然的颜色更为浓黑;手上 长着厚茧和好多疖疤;方方的前额,上面的纹理就像树皮一样粗糙。他与董贝先生在所有方面都形成了鲜明的对照:董贝先生是位胡子刮得干干净净、头发剪得整整齐齐、钱财富有的上流社会人士,像崭新的钞票一样富有光泽,清脆有声;他似乎经过黄金淋浴这个使人激励精神的行动之后, 已经被人为地绷紧和振奋起来了。

'You have a son, I believe?' said Mr Dombey.
'Four on 'em, Sir. Four hims and a her. All alive!'
'Why, it's as much as you can afford to keep them!' said Mr Dombey.
'I couldn't hardly afford but one thing in the world less, Sir.'
'What is that?'
'To lose 'em, Sir.'
'Can you read?' asked Mr Dombey.


'Why, not partickler, Sir.'
'With chalk, Sir?'
'With anything?'
'I could make shift to chalk a little bit, I think, if I was put to it,' said Toodle after some reflection.
'And yet,' said Mr Dombey, 'you are two or three and thirty, I suppose?'
'Thereabouts, I suppose, Sir,' answered Toodle, after more reflection.


'Then why don't you learn?' asked Mr Dombey.
'So I'm a going to, Sir. One of my little boys is a going to learn me, when he's old enough, and been to school himself.'
'Well,' said Mr Dombey, after looking at him attentively, and with no great favour, as he stood gazing round the room (principally round the ceiling) and still drawing his hand across and across his mouth. 'You heard what I said to your wife just now?'


注释:a good deal of: 大量的;很多的
1. I have given this matter a good deal of think but we cannot promise you 3 million dollars loan.
2. He chose to spend a good deal of that money building his home in North Carolina.

'Polly heerd it,' said Toodle, jerking his hat over his shoulder in the direction of the door, with an air of perfect confidence in his better half. 'It's all right.'
'But I ask you if you heard it. You did, I suppose, and understood it?' pursued Mr Dombey.
'I heerd it,' said Toodle, 'but I don't know as I understood it rightly Sir, 'account of being no scholar, and the words being - ask your pardon - rayther high. But Polly heerd it. It's all right.'
'As you appear to leave everything to her,' said Mr Dombey, frustrated in his intention of impressing his views still more distinctly on the husband, as the stronger character, 'I suppose it is of no use my saying anything to you.'
'Not a bit,' said Toodle. 'Polly heerd it. She's awake, Sir.'
'I won't detain you any longer then,' returned Mr Dombey, disappointed. 'Where have you worked all your life?'
'Mostly underground, Sir, 'till I got married. I come to the level then. I'm a going on one of these here railroads when they comes into full play.'
As he added in one of his hoarse whispers, 'We means to bring up little Biler to that line,' Mr Dombey inquired haughtily who little Biler was.
'The eldest on 'em, Sir,' said Toodle, with a smile. 'It ain't a common name. Sermuchser that when he was took to church the gen'lm'n said, it wam't a chris'en one, and he couldn't give it. But we always calls him Biler just the same. For we don't mean no harm. Not we.
'Do you mean to say, Man,' inquired Mr Dombey; looking at him with marked displeasure, 'that you have called a child after a boiler?'
'No, no, Sir,' returned Toodle, with a tender consideration for his mistake. 'I should hope not! No, Sir. Arter a BILER Sir. The Steamingine was a'most as good as a godfather to him, and so we called him Biler, don't you see!'


As the last straw breaks the laden camel's back, this piece of information crushed the sinking spirits of Mr Dombey. He motioned his child's foster-father to the door, who departed by no means unwillingly: and then turning the key, paced up and down the room in solitary wretchedness.
It would be harsh, and perhaps not altogether true, to say of him that he felt these rubs and gratings against his pride more keenly than he had felt his wife's death: but certainly they impressed that event upon him with new force, and communicated to it added weight and bitterness. It was a rude shock to his sense of property in his child, that these people the mere dust of the earth, as he thought them should be necessary to him; and it was natural that in proportion as he felt disturbed by it, he should deplore the occurrence which had made them so. For all his starched, impenetrable dignity and composure, he wiped blinding tears from his eyes as he paced up and down his room; and often said, with an emotion of which he would not, for the world, have had a witness, 'Poor little fellow!'
It may have been characteristic of Mr Dombey's pride, that he pitied himself through the child. Not poor me. Not poor widower, confiding by constraint in the wife of an ignorant Hind who has been working 'mostly underground' all his life, and yet at whose door Death had never knocked, and at whose poor table four sons daily sit but poor little fellow!


注释:It is of no use: 是没有用的
1. It is of no use to talk to him; he is as deaf as a post.
2. It is of no use boasting of being rich on a desert island.