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《应用英文》有动物名俚语或口语(四) [转贴]


to follow someone like sheep:
盲从某人(to follow along with someone)

You better make your own decision ; don't follow your friend like a sheep.

She always follows her husband like a sheep.

to separate the sheep from the goats:
这本是来自圣经,意思是明辨是非,或区分好人和坏人(to distinguish the good and evil)

Sometimes it's difficult to separate the sheep from the goats.

In order to protect the good people, the government should separate the sheep from goats.

to get someone’s goat:
使人恼火或生气(to make someone upset)(goat多半用单数)

Dr. Lee's constant boasting of his academic achievements gets his girlfriend's goat.

Mr. A’s poor table manners get Mary’s goat.

Her nosiness gets many people’s goat.
(她问长问短,多管闲事,令人讨厌。) (goat仍用单数)

to make someone a (或the) scapegoat:
使某人成为代罪羔羊(to be made for other person's crime)

It's not his fault ; don't make him a scapegoat.

Some politicians in Taiwan are trying to make someone a scapegoat.

like a lamb to the slaughter:
意思是温文可亲,天真,单纯(to be naive and innocent)

Mr's Wang is so nice just like a lamb to the slaughter.
(王太太温文可亲,天真单纯。)(也有人省去to the slaughter)

Mr. B didn't get the promotion because he was like a lamb to the slaughter.

black sheep:

The Wangs consider their son a black sheep.

Unfortunately, many Chinese treat a person with academic failure as a black sheep.

lost sheep:
本是来自圣经,指罪人(sinner),也就是迷路的羊,或误入歧途的人(not follow in a right direction)

Without proper parenting, a child could become a lost sheep in the future.

There are many young lost sheep who need mentoring in our society.


to buy a pig in a poke:
照字义是购买在袋里未曾过目的猪。也就是不先看货,乱买东西。 (poke这里是袋子)

Some people feel that purchasing merchandise through the Internet seems like buying a pig in a poke.

A careful person will not buy a pig in a poke.

to make a pig of oneself:
像猪一样的贪吃;吃得过多(over-eat or eat a lot)

Whenever John goes to buffet, he makes a pig of himself.

Watch out for your health ; don't make a pig of yourself.
也可说成:to pig out : (pig当动词)

After two-hour workout, John pigged out on five big hamburgers.

Be careful of your table manners ; never pig out at a formal dinner.
(通常pig out后面接食物时,介词用on,但后面接场合,如dinner时,则用at。)

例如:After several months of fighting with his father, the teenage boy flow the coop.(年青小伙子,与老爸争吵几个月后,离家出走)

The prison inmate was plotting to fly the coop.(牢里犯人计划逃亡)
to fly high:情绪高昂,或展翅高飞、非常成功(to be very successful)

例如:John was flying high after he passed the exam.(John考试通过后,十分得意)

At the Olympics, Beijing flew very high after its opening ceremony.(北京在奥运会开幕式后,情绪十分高昂)


a bull in a china shop:公牛在瓷器店里。就是在雅致的情况下,显示鲁莽笨拙的言行。 (to be clumsy or rude in a delicate situation)(china在这非指中国,指瓷器,所以不大写)

例如:She didn't invite John to her wedding because he might become a bull in a china shop.(她没请John参加婚礼,因为他也许会言行不得体)

Being a bull in china shop, Mr. B is not well-liked by his associates.(B先生粗鲁笨拙,认识的人不喜欢他)

to take the bull by the horns:捉住公牛的角。就是大胆地对困难或危险(to face a difficulty instead of avoiding it)

例如:Under such circumstances, you have no choice, but take the bull by the horns.(在此情况下,你无选择余地,只为面对困难)

No matter how difficult the situation is, the Chinese people always take the bull by the horns.(不管情况多么困难,中国人都能大胆地对付危机)

to shoot the bull:闲谈,瞎扯或吹牛(to talk nonsense)

例如:This woman has nothing to do; she loves to shoot the bull with others.(这位妇人没事干,爱跟别人瞎扯)

Some retirees just sit there shooting the bull.(有些退休人只坐在那儿与人闲谈)

to wait till the cows come home:长期等待着不太可能发生的事情(to wait for a long time, possibly never happen)

例如:Mary will wait till the cows come home if she hopes to win the lottery.(Mary等了很久,希望能中奖)


例如:to keep the wolf from the door:免于贫困或饥饿(to avoid poverty)

例如:His household income can barely keep the wolf fromthe door.(他的家庭收入,几乎难以糊口)

By holding two jobs, Bob keeps the wolf from thedoor.(干了两份工作,Bob才能勉强过日)

a wolf in sheep's clothing:披着羊皮的狼。也就是假装友善(pretend to be afriend)

例如:No one believes what he has said and done; he isjust a wolf in sheep's clothing.(没有人相信他的所说所为;他只是假装友善)

With a wolf in sheep's clothing, you never know where you stand.(在此虚假友谊的情况下,你不晓得自处于什么状况)

to wolf down:狼吞虎咽(to eat very fast) (wolf当动词)

John was so hungry that he wolfed down the whole pizza.(John太饿了,吃下整个比萨饼)

Don't wolf down all the food; leave some for later.(不要把食物全部吃完,留下一些以后再吃)

to cry wolf :喊「狼来了」,也就是发假警报(to raise unnecessaryalarm)

例如:To cry wolf indicates a person's lack ofresponsibility.(发假警报的人,就是缺乏责任感)

Mr. Lee who cried wolf many times has lost hiscredibility.(多次说假话的李先生,已丧失人们对他的信任)


to eat crow:吞食乌鸦。就是被迫认错或认输(to admit one iswrong)

例如:Mr. Bush had to eat crow after invading Iraq.(布希先生侵略伊拉克后,被迫认错)

Mr. Chen ate crow when his statement proved false.(陈先生的声明是假的,他只好认错)

to crow about something:自夸(to boast)(crow当动词)

例如:Don't crow about your business success.(不要自夸你的事业成功)

The Chinese people always crow about their academic degrees.(中国人常常喜欢自夸学位)

to be a night owl:夜猫子,就是熬夜,过夜生活的人(to stay out atnight)

例如:As John is a night owl, he sleeps during the day.(John是夜猫子,所以白天睡觉)

Not many people want to be night owls.(不是很多人要当夜猫子)


to make a beeline (for something):指两地间笔直的路线(to take the most direct waytoward something )(来源为据说蜜蜂采花粉后,沿直线回窝)

例如:Mary asks her hubby to make a beeline for homeright after work.(Mary要老公下班后,直接回家)

After completing their advanced studies, theChinese students are supposed to make a beelinefor their homeland.(中国留学生完成深造后,照理应该直奔家园)

to have a bee in one's bonnet:指钉着一件事或对某事想得入迷(to be absessed by anidea)

例如:Shortly after Bob met the pretty woman, he has hada bee in his bonnet.(Bob见到那位漂亮的女人后,他就想得入迷)

Mr. Chen in Taiwan always has a bee in his bonnet regarding its independence.(在台湾的陈先生,钉着台独,想得着迷)

as busy as a bee:忙着团团转(very busy)

例如:Lately, I have been as busy as a bee.(近来我十分忙碌)

Don't bother him; he is as busy as a bee.(别打扰他;他忙极了)

to stir up a hornet's nest:自找麻烦(to make one's own trouble)

例如:Mr. Bush stirred up a hornet's nest by invading Iraq.(布希先生入侵伊拉克,是自找麻烦)

Don't stir up a hornet's nest; it's better to let sleeping dogs lie.(不要自找麻烦,最好相安无事)(全文完)