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  absent from不在,缺席      abundant in富于

  alien to与...相反        angry with sb at/about sth生气,愤怒

  anxious about/for忧虑,担心     appropriate for/to适当,合适

  applicable to适用于         apt at聪明,善于

  apt to易于       ashamed of羞愧,害臊

  approximate to近拟,接近       aware of意识到

  abailable to sb for sth可用,可供      bare of几乎没有,缺乏

  bound for开往...            capable of能够

  careful of/about/with;小心,注意         certain of /about确信,肯定

  about/in doing characteristic of  特有,独特

  clear of没有,不接触       clever at善于

  close to接近,亲近          comparable to/with可比较

  conscious of察觉到,意识到            consequent on随之而来

  considerate towards体谅,体贴             contemporary with与...同时代

  content with满足于                   contrary to 违反

  counter to与...相反              crazy about 热衷,着迷

  critical of挑剔,批评           curious about  好奇,想知道

  distinct from种类(风格)不同          doubtful of /about怀疑

  east of在...东面                equal to相等,胜任

  equivalent to等于,相当于           essential to/for必不可少

  expert at/in/on善于              faithful to忠实于

  familiar to sb为...所熟悉             familiar with sth熟悉,通晓

  fatal to致命的               favourable to支持,赞成

  favourable for有帮助的          fearful of惧怕

  fit for适于             foreign to非...所原有

  fond of 喜欢            free of /from未受...;免费

  free with康慨,大方             guilty of有...罪的

  hungry for渴望                ignorant of不知道

  impatient at sth.不耐烦             impatient of无法容忍

  with sb independent of 不受...支配

  impatient for急切,渴望            indifferent to无兴趣,不关心

  indignant with sb.愤慨             inferior to级别低于,不如

  ab/about sth innocent of 无...罪,无辜

  intent on专心于            invisible to不可见的                

jealous of 嫉妒               keep on爱好,很喜欢

  liable for对...有责任                liable to易于

  loyal to忠于                 mad at/with sb.生气,愤怒

mad with因...发狂            next to下一个,其次

  necessary to /for必要的               opposite to在对面

  open to不限制,开放的                 particular about挑剔,讲究

  arallel to与...平等,类似             peculiar to独特的,独有的

  atient with有耐心                  prior to在...之前

  opular with受...喜爱,爱戴               representative of代表...的

  relative to与...有关                 rich in富于

  responsible for负责,是...原因            sensitive to对...敏感

  sensible of觉查到             sick of厌恶,厌倦

  short of缺少                 skilled at /in善于

  similar to相似            sufficient for足够的

  subject to受制于,易于              superior to优于,级别高于

  suitable for/to适合于              suspicious of 怀疑

  sure of /about对...有信心,确信                  typical of是典型的,特有的

  tired of对...不在感兴趣               votal to对...关系重大

  uncertain of /about不确知                  mad about/on狂热迷恋