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[商务口语] 白领的一天 场景38:参加培训



范例一:Training in headquarter

Congratulations! I heard that you are going to take a two-week training course in the headquarter.

Thank you. I am very happy to have this opportunity to learn something new. You know information and knowledge in this field update very fast.

Sure it is. This is a changing world. Does the training course cover the new law and regulation issued last month? They are very useful for us.

Yes, according to the agenda, there will be a seminar on these issues at the very beginning of the training course.

Well, good for you. I hope you can get what you want from the training.

I will do my best.

范例二:Training method

What is your most preferred training method?

Well, I prefer active rather than passive training. For example, I like the training offered by a financial software company from which we bought the newest updated virgin. They sent the programmers to demonstrate how to do and then ask us to practice. All employees receiving this training were in the same meeting room, so we could communicate with each other. We had a lot of fun learning together. It helps to build up the work relation among colleagues.

Well, that is also very efficient, right?

Of course, it is much better than just giving us some reading materials or information via the internet.

That’s boring. Once we were asked to watch a video on how to operate the punches, all of us seemed to fall into sleep by the end of the video.

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