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Here are some of the most common regrets people in their 40s feel, with insight from experts in finance, wellness, psychology. 本文列出了人们在40岁时最后悔的事情,以及金融、健康、心理学等方面专家给出的见解。 "When you reach 40, you ...

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People who spend much of their day sitting may need to move around less than we thought to counteract their sedentary lifestyle, new research shows. 一项最新研究显示,每天大部分时间都坐着的人,为了抵消久坐不动的生活方式,所需要的运动时间可能比我们想...

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1. They don't want you anywhere near their phone. 1. 他/她不想你碰他/她的手机。 If your partner is suddenly positioning themselves away from you while using their phone—or gets annoyed when you go any...

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1. ASIAN PEAR JUICE 亚洲梨汁 Have some extra Asian pears at home? Run them through your juicer before your next night out. According to researchers at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industri...

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I meet Reny Morsch in her tutor’s office at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in central London, where she is studying to become a costume maker for film and theatre. She is dressed in black, wi...

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Working is usually not a likable thing. 工作通常并不是一件讨人喜欢的事。 But if the salary is good, we might as well put up with it. 不过如果这份工作给的薪水不错,我们通常也不介意忍一忍。 However, if you unfortunately have a very difficult b...

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1. Flight attendant 1. 空乘人员 Not only will they pay you to travel the world, but you will also earn enough money to live a debt-free life - with a careful budgeting, of course. Ladies who know two or ...

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1. Pick a positive environment 1.挑选积极的环境 The most talented people in any industry are in demand and have options where they want to work. A high-trust environment fosters what some call psychological...

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1.Were you qualified for the job? 1.你有足够资格胜任这份工作吗? How closely did your background match the qualifications for the job? 你的背景与职位要求的匹配程度有多高? In a competitive job market, candidates that are an exact o...

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Making your partner your ultimate priority 凡事以另一半为重 "Making a partner your first priority before yourself is a 'spiritual don't' because the secret to life is to love another as ici...

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