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[MSNBC视频] 奥巴马就在我们眼皮前越变越老吗?

 Obama: Aging before our eyes?





Merely three months into Barak Obama’s presidency, the media started remarking on his hair. How it started to turn gray. And this week, the “Drudge Report” posted a story called “BARACK 'N BONES”, completed with photos where someone might say, frankly, the president is a little too skinny. And just last week, President Obama had to defend not only his stance, but his stature.

巴拉克奥巴马就职总统才3周,媒体开始评论他的头发了,讨论他的头发是如何变白的。在本周,“德拉吉报告”刊登了一条名叫”巴拉克瘦到皮包骨”的报道,直说了吧,总统在图片中看起来确实是太瘦了。仅仅在上周, 奥巴马总统不仅被迫要为他的的立场,还要为自己的身材辩护。

“Just because I am skinny does not mean I am not tough. I don’t rattle. And you know, I am not going to shrink back.”


But is President shrinking and aging before our eyes? That’s the topic of today’s rounds. How stress affects our presidents? Joining me from Washington DC, Michael Beschloss, he is the NBC’s presidential historian. And here in studio, Peter Moore, editor of “Man’s Health” magazine. Peter interviewed the President for Man’s Health magazine recently, saw…the magazine, and it was a terrific interview. Glad to have you both here.

但是,总统到底是不是在我们眼前萎缩和变老呢?这就是今天这一轮的话题。和我们在一起的有:来自华盛顿特区的Michael Beschloss,他是NBC的总统历史学家。在播音室里还有“男人的健康”杂志的编辑Peter Moore。Peter最近为该杂志采访了总统,看到了…,那杂志,那是一个非常好的采访。很高兴你们两个人都在这。“

Michael, I am going to start with you. There are some people who say, from physiological stand point, just the stress of being a President, ages a President two years for every year that he is in office. We watch Bill Clinton get older, we watch George Bush who get older. We watch Renald Reagan, frankly, sort of hold it. What’s your take?


I think it can be. You know, a President has to make a decision potentially to use nuclear weapons on 15 minutes notice. And in recent years, there is a 24-hour day news cycle, so people expect President to act quickly, has statements, all sorts of things. So, for 4 or 8 years, the President is really never off. But, the thing works in opposite direction, is exercise psychology. The Presidents who done the best have been, President like Gerald Ford, who swam everyday, you know, really exercised a lot.




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