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[MSNBC视频] 科学家发现了大量的深海生物

Scientists discover thousands of deep-sea creatures

This is the “Dumbo”, a finned octopus. It swims by flapping its ear-like fins like the cartoon elephant. This expedition has brought us the “Jumbo Dumbo”, the largest so far found up to 2 meters long, and one of the biggest deep sea creatures.


Little is known of the marine animals that live in total darkness in the deepest part of Atlantic. Biologists searched some 3 miles down, have used specialized cameras and sampling methods, have identified over 17500 species.


“Was the deep-sea just a flat mountain? When people first looked at it, they thought they were looking at desert. There is not much living down there. Then more people looked, the more animals they found, and especially their found started at stunning look animals. They found thousands and thousands of species that they did not know exist until… We now think that there are more species in the deep-sea than in the tropical rain forest.”


Many of these deep-sea creatures are exotic cousins to more familiar species living closer to the Ocean surface, like crabs, shrimps, worms, and jellyfish. They survived in the dark by feeding mostly on particles of decaying plants and animals that drift down the bottom of the Ocean. Unexpected secrets have been revealed, these fish can live up to one hundred years.


And incredibly, this worm drills the oil and eats chemicals found in the decomposing substance. Scientists will complete their census of this remote region in a year, but are astonished by the diversity of life flourishing in mid such inhospitable conditions.