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[实战口语] 和老外聊天的地道口语第36期:谈谈择友标准...


Mary: hi, Larry, how was your weekend?

Larry: not bad. We had a get-together with friends from college. I haven't seen many of them since gradution. How about you?

M: great. I hung out with jo all day shopping, and the went out for dinner together.

L: sounds a good weekend. You know it always amazes me that two people as different as you and Jo can become such close friends.

M: yeah, I never thought we could be good friends either. We have our differences. She's more outgoing and active while I am more quiet and reversed, but we still get along extremely well. We can talk for hours about anything.

L: that's great. I know people who can't stand each other for even five minutes.

M: when Jo and I are together, we argue a lot, but that's also part of the fun. Besides, I know she will always be there for me when I need her, and she knows I'll be there for her.

L: it seems you two bring out the best of one another.

M: exactly. Having Jo as my friend is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.

L: yeah, you are so lucky to have found each other.

M: thanks, I think so too.


Buddy: a friend 朋友;同伴
an old college buddy of mine 我的一位老校友

Acquaintance: a person that you know but who is not a close friend 认识的人;泛泛之交;熟人
Claire has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. 克莱尔交游很广。
He's just a business acquaintance. 他只是业务上认识的人。

Disagreement: a situation where people disagree about sth and often argue 意见不一;分歧;争论
Disagreement arose about exactly how to plan the show. 在如何拟定具体演出计划的问题上出现了分歧。
disagreement on the method to be used 在要采用的方法上的争论
There is considerable disagreement over the safety of the treatment. 这种疗法是否安全争论很大。
It was a source of disagreement between the two states. 这就是两国纷争的一个原因。
There is disagreement among archaeologists as to the age of the sculpture. 考古学家在这尊雕塑的年代问题上意见不一。
They have had several disagreements with their neighbours. 他们与邻居发生过好几次争吵。

Amaze: to surprise sb very much 使惊奇;使惊愕;使惊诧
Just the size of the place amazed her. 仅仅地方之大就使她十分惊奇。
It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do for money. 有些人为了钱什么都会干得出来,这一直使我惊愕不已。
What amazes me is how long she managed to hide it from us. 使我惊诧的是,她竟然能把这件事瞒了我们这么久。
It amazed her that he could be so calm at such a time. 在这个时候他还能如此冷静,真让她感到惊讶。

Outgoing: liking to meet other people, enjoying their company and being friendly towards them 爱交际的;友好的;外向的
an outgoing personality 外向的性格

Argument: a conversation or discussion in which two or more people disagree, often angrily 争论;争吵;争辩;辩论
We had an argument with the waiter about the bill. 我们和服务员就账单发生了争吵。
She got into an argument with the teacher. 她和老师争论了起来。
Confidant: a person that you trust and who you talk to about private or secret things (可吐露秘密的)知己,密友
a close/trusted confidant of the President 总统的密友╱亲信

Temper: if sb has a temper, they become angry very easily 脾气;易怒的性情
a violent/short/quick temper 烈性╱急性╱火性脾气
He must learn to control his temper. 他得学会捺住性子。
She broke the plates in a fit of temper. 她一气之下把盘子摔碎了。
After an hour of waiting, tempers began to fray(= people began to get angry). 等了一个小时后,大伙儿开始冒火了。

Stand: used especially in negative sentences and questions to emphasize that you do not like sb/sth (尤用于否定句和疑问句,强调不喜欢)容忍,忍受
I can't stand his brother. 他弟弟让我受不了。
I can't stand the sight of blood. 一看见血我就难受。
I can't stand it when you do that. 你那么做,我受不了。
She couldn't stand being kept waiting. 叫她等着,她会受不了。
I can't stand people interrupting all the time. 我不能容忍老有人打岔。
How do you stand him being here all the time? 他老在这儿,你怎么受得了呢?

Hang out (with someone): to spend a lot of time in a place 常去某处;泡在某处
The local kids hang out at the mall. 当地的孩子常在商业街闲荡。

Patch up: 平息;解决
He tried to patch up their quarrel. 他试图平息他们之间的争吵。

Lose temper: 发脾气

Be mad at someone: 生某人的气
She's mad at me for being late.

Be tired of: 厌倦
I'm sick and tired of all the arguments. 我对所有这些争论烦透了。
She was tired of hearing about their trip to India. 她听腻了他们的印度之行。


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